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  • koko arctic railway risto viitanen.jpg

    Finland announces concrete plans for Arctic railway

    9.3.2018 15:30

    A railway routing to the Arctic Ocean via Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kirkenes is the option that a new task force by Finnish and Norwegian authorities will examine further.

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  • cropattu ICEYE-X1-sea-ice-between-Helsinki-Tallinn.jpg

    ICEYE to collect data for KSAT

    7.3.2018 14:35

    Finnish SAR satellite manufacturer ICEYE today announced an agreement with Kongsberg Satellite Service to purchase synthetic aperture radar satellite tasking and data from ICEYE.

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  • cropattu skimmeri töissä.jpg

    Testing oil spill response in action

    7.3.2018 8:00

    A tanker has run aground off the Oulu coast, and heavy fuel oil has spilled at sea. This frightening scenario is the starting point for an international Arctic oil recovery exercise at the Bay of Bothnia.

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  • arcticpride tiina maki.jpg

    Cool Arctic Pride

    2.3.2018 15:44

    ARCTIC STORIES Finland’s northernmost Pride festival is painting the city of Rovaniemi in rainbow colours this weekend with events ranging from roller derby to danceoke.

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  • Jäänmurto_cropped.jpg

    All icebreakers at work

    2.3.2018 10:40

    Compared to recent years, this winter has been very challenging for sea transport along the Finnish coastline and at sea. Nine icebreakers now assist marine traffic.

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  • balticsn06 cropp.jpg

    Celebrating the art of snow

    23.2.2018 14:44

    ARCTIC STORIES Top snow sculptors from around the Baltic Sea are braving the cold in Nallikari, Oulu. The stunning sculptures they create will form a transient winter art exhibition.

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  • julius2 cropattu.jpg

    Sustainable design in focus

    22.2.2018 10:48

    ARCTIC STORIES The Arctic Design week brings designers and businesspeople together in Rovaniemi for the 10th time. The event promises unique opportunities to learn about sustainable design.

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  • AEF_nostotorni_havainnekuva_ylhaalta_vaaka-koko.jpg

    Europe’s largest gold mine to invest €160 million in Kittilä

    15.2.2018 11:57

    Mining company Agnico Eagle Finland has announced an expansion investment at its Kittilä gold mine of approximately 160 million euros.

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  • junarata_Jagodzinski Kamil suodatin.jpg

    A lot at stake on the Arctic Railway

    15.2.2018 11:45

    WORDS FROM THE EDITOR: The railroad tracks running northwards from Rovaniemi or from Kolari will soon dominate the headlines.

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  • Black Carbon mittausversio.png

    New video addresses black carbon

    12.2.2018 16:21

    Black carbon is a major contributor to climate change. It causes almost a quarter of the warming in the Arctic region. A recently released Finnish animated video tells about ways of mitigating problems relating to black carbon.

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  • sampoaukio2.jpg

    Christmas cheer in Santa's hometown

    21.12.2017 13:30

    ARCTIC STORIES: At first glance, Rovaniemi looks like any other small Finnish town in December. When you look closer, there is a hint of magic in the air.

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  • AF-uutis-kuva-Lamor-550x366.jpg

    Lamor keeps the Arctic seas clean

    11.12.2017 15:49

    ARCTIC STORIES: If a tanker runs aground in the Arctic seas, Finnish company Lamor will most likely have provided the equipment used in the oil spill rescue.

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  • mayors.jpg

    Regional cooperation and Arctic cities

    17.11.2017 21:54

    Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit gave space to regional actors - Arctic city council members, mayors, and governors - to discuss how they see the future of the Arctic.

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  • sd-goals-stories-AF.jpg

    Quality education can foster diversity

    17.11.2017 14:07

    Culturally sustainable education in the Arctic needs to include indigenous and local knowledge. School must enable the children to adapt to the multiple changes taking place, yet learn to embrace their own culture.

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  • media.jpg

    Local knowledge the strength of Arctic media

    16.11.2017 22:35

    The way Arctic regions are portrayed in mainstream media is seldom accurate. Exoticism and conflicts bring more clicks than in-depth stories about life in the North.

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  • health.jpg

    Well-being of the future generations

    16.11.2017 22:28

    There are many disparities in health between Arctic countries and regions, between indigenous and non-indigenous populations and between rural and urban areas, but the general view is grim.

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  • landuse dia.jpg

    Sustainable modes of land use from the user's perspective

    16.11.2017 16:13

    Is it possible to reconcile the interests of all land users? Whose priorities are the most important? Researchers and various stakeholders having interest in land use modes such as mining, forestry and reindeer herding had a heated debate.

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  • bioeconomy.jpg

    How to ensure a responsible use of natural resources in the Arctic?

    16.11.2017 15:54

    What do we mean by a resilent Arctic bioeconomy and how can we strengthen it? Natural and social ecosystems were the theme of one of the first panels on the second day of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.

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  • economic development panel.jpg

    Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic region

    15.11.2017 22:14

    The panels on the first day of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference focused on three aspects of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic region – economy, science, and the next generations.

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  • distinguished panel.jpg

    Striving for a sustainable Arctic

    15.11.2017 22:05

    The need of innovative approaches in combining the economic, environmental and social aspects of life and development in the Arctic came up repeatedly during the first sessions of the Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference.

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  • arcticfinland(550x367).jpg

    Foreign Minister Soini to the Arctic Conference in Rovaniemi

    14.11.2017 11:00

    Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Press release 199/2017, 14 November 2017

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  • arktikum-kaisa-siren-koko.jpg

    Arctic anniversary presents

    13.11.2017 17:48

    ARCTIC STORIES: The Arktikum building in Rovaniemi was dedicated to celebrate Finland's 75 years of independence. Today, Arktikum celebrates Finland’s centenary year with Arctic Expo.

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  • Welcome-Spirit-stories-AF.jpg

    Enter into the Arctic Spirit

    2.11.2017 15:17

    What do the Sustainable Development Goals mean from an Arctic point of view? How can we translate them into Arctic economy, policies and language? The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference seeks answers to these questions, in novel ways.

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  • size Pekka_Laurila_Rafal_Modrzewski.jpg

    ICEYE can see where others cannot 

    1.11.2017 11:25

    ARCTIC STORIES: ICEYE is the first commercial satellite company in Finland. Its story began on a satellite project at Aalto University. Two engineering students, Rafal Modrzewski and Pekka Laurila were learning about nanosatellites, and decided to commercialize their skills.

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  • sky-stories-AF.jpg

    Senior Arctic Officials gathered in Oulu

    26.10.2017 12:13

    Senior Arctic Council officials met in Finland for the first time during Finland’s Chairmanship on 25-26 October 2017. The meeting brought together representatives of the states and organizations involved in the work of the Council.

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