• Lamor keeps the Arctic seas clean


    Lamor keeps the Arctic seas clean

    The average person may not recognise the name Lamor, yet the company has been a global market leader for years. Lamor supplies more than half of all oil spill response equipment and expertise in the Arctic region.

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  • Sustainable snowmobiling


    Sustainable snowmobiling

    The snowmobile of tomorrow may slide on electricity. When the time comes, BRP Finland will be ready.

    Photo: Thomas Nielsen / Barents Observer

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  • Arctic anniversary presents

    Arctic anniversary presents

    When Finland celebrated its 75 years of independence, the main anniversary ceremony in Lapland was the dedication of the Arktikum building in Rovaniemi. Today, Arktikum celebrates Finland’s centenary year with Arctic Expo.

    Photo: (c) Arktikum

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  • ICEYE can see where others cannot


    ICEYE can see where others cannot

    New technologies may respond to existing needs. Sometimes a new solution creates demand for new services. Finnish start-up ICEYE is a case in point.

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  • Finland's Arctic history and future


    Finland's Arctic history and future

    Instead of focusing on Arctic technology research, Finland would do well to strive to become an expert on research into people in their Arctic communities, says Professor Maria Lähteenmäki.

    Photo: Regional Museum of Lapland /Pauli Laalo

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