Finland’s Arctic business and expertise

The strong expertise of Finland in Artic questions is based on first-hand knowledge of the circumstances in the region. The best-known examples of Finland’s Arctic expertise include Arctic marine technology and related business opportunities, solutions and services. Finland wants to promote growth and competitiveness in Arctic matters for example in cleantech and bioeconomy, always respecting the Arctic environment. Know-how and testing in the Arctic conditions are an important part of Finland’s Arctic expertise. Sustainable and responsible tourism is also seen as an evolving opportunity for Finland. A more recent and growing field of Arctic expertise is Arctic design.


”Because of the challenges facing the global economy and the great significance of exports and economic relations to Finland, it is extremely important for Finnish business and industry to seek growth in all areas where the prospects are favourable, and where Finnish companies have a chance of success. Such prospects are offered by the Arctic region.”

Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region

Fields of Arctic expertise in Finland
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