Finland’s Arctic Policy

The objectives of Finland’s Arctic policy are defined in the Government Programme. In addition to the Government Programme the principles and objectives of Finland’s Arctic policies are described in Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region published in 2021. Arctic issues are covered also in the website of the Prime Minister's Office.

The priorities of the strategy are as follows:

  1. Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  2. Inhabitants (promotion of wellbeing and the rights of the Saami as an indigenous people)
  3. Arctic expertise (livelihoods and leading edge research)
  4. Infrastructure and logistics.

Finland emphasizes the role of the Arctic Council as the primary forum for Arctic issues and supports the strengthening of the institutional role of the Council.

The mandate of the Arctic Advisory Board appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office is to monitor and coordinate Finland’s activities in the Arctic and the implementation of Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region.

The Arctic Society of Finland follows the development of the Arctic region and aims to influence decisions concerning the Arctic regions so that they would serve the interests of Finland.

You can find more information about the Arctic region and about the way it is defined on the website of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

”Finland's Arctic interests and Arctic expertise are relevant to the whole country and, on the other hand, the Arctic character of entire Finland supports and enhances Finland's international image as an Arctic country in international contexts.”

- Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region


International Arctic cooperation
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