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Discussion on Finland’s Arctic activities on Twitter is lively. As the number of the ArcticFinlandia account followers keeps growing, we find it necessary to separate the English and the Finnish Twitter feeds. If you wish to participate in the Arctic debate in Finnish, follow @arktinensuomi. Starting today, @ArcticFinlandia will only tweet in English.

The @ArcticFinlandia account is linked to the website, a window to Finnish Arctic politics, economy and research. The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland maintains the site with support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

“ is an Arctic gateway to Finland for international audience. There is a growing demand for Arctic information about Finland in English," says Ville Cantell, Director of the Unit for Communications on Europe and Neighbouring Areas at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The perception of Finland as an Arctic country tends to focus on climate and technologies.

”We are the world leaders in icebreaking, but Finland’s Arctic expertise is much broader. It extends from clothing to construction, from vehicle testing to education. Arctic Finland is also about fun and games, it is stories about people and their lives”, Ville Cantell concludes.

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