News from Arctic Finland

Presidents Trump and Niinistö discussed Arctic questions

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö met with President of the United States Donald Trump in the White House on Monday 28 August 2017. After the discussions, the Presidents held a joint press conference.

According to President Niinistö, security was the main theme of the discussions. Artic climate challenges also came up. Finland has proposed cooperation in cleaning up the Arctic. According to President Niinistö, renewing old-fashioned plants and working to stop oil fields flaring the extra gas would be a good business proposition.

“When black carbon covers the Arctic, the ice melts. We must fight against those emissions spreading black carbon”, President Niinistö urged. “The problem is not only Arctic; if we lose the Arctic, we lose the globe. That is reality”.

Finland took the helm of the Arctic Council in May. President Donald Trump noted that the United States is looking forward to Finnish leadership as chair of the Arctic Council. “The Arctic region has strategic and economic importance for both of our nations -- very much so”, President Donald Trump said.

President Niinistö discussed Arctic matters also with Russian president Vladimir Putin during his visit to Finland in July.

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