Stories of the Finnish Arctic Expertise

Finland is preparing new strategy for Arctic policy

Government of Finland has started the process of preparing a new Arctic strategy. The new strategy for Arctic policy will take into account Finland’s long-term objectives in the Arctic region and ensure adequate resources for achieving them. The strategy is set to be completed by the beginning of 2021. A wide range of actors will be consulted during the project.

The “Globally Influential Finland in the Arctic Region” stakeholder event, which is part of the preparation process, took place on Tuesday 18 February in Helsinki. A similar event was held two weeks earlier in Rovaniemi.

The speeches and discussions at the event in Helsinki emphasised that the consequences of climate change can be seen most strongly and quickly in the Arctic region and that the warming of the Arctic provides only a short-term opportunity for economic exploitation in the region.

Read more: Press release (Government Communications Department)

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