Stories of the Finnish Arctic Expertise

BEAC supports cross-border connections

The Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) convened for its XVI Session under the chair of Russia on 18-19 October in Arkhangelsk. In a joint declaration, the Council recognised the importance of cross-border transport connections for economic development.

The foreign ministers support the development of railway and road connections and cargo transportation, as well as high-speed data connections in the Barents region. The overall goal is safer and greener transports, technology development, and better cross-national information.

 The Barents region is the most densely inhabited and economically most active area in the Arctic. In his statement, Foreign Minister Timo Soini expressed a wish for intensified cooperation between the BEAC, the Arctic Council and the Northern Dimension.

  “We need to remember that we only have one Artic. To make it prosperous, our policies need to be coherent. As the chair of the Arctic Council, Finland has four priority areas: environmental protection, connectivity, meteorological cooperation and education. Their relevance to the Barents cooperation is obvious.”

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