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Arctic Avenue will boost strategic research co­operation

The University of Helsinki and Stockholm University have decided to launch a new strategic partnership in Arctic research.

“Arctic Avenue will support our expertise to reach the absolute top international level in climate change and ecosystems research. We will get a more comprehensive understanding of the factors and processes that are involved in a changing Arctic”, says Professor Atte Korhola, who will lead the project at the University of Helsinki.

The two universities already collaborate with outstanding results. Arctic Avenue will boost this cooperation. The spearhead project will involve several units at both universities. The total project funding is 600.000 €, split evenly between Stockholm University and the University of Helsinki.

Currently, the Arctic is undergoing unprecedented warming. This will have consequences for humans and the natural environment locally, but has widespread implications also globally. For instance, the recent major changes in the Arctic may have contributed to the extreme weather events in many parts of the world. Such changes will have far-reaching implications: they may threaten global food production, for example.

“We take great pride in the strong multidisciplinary research on the Arctic that both universities carry out to tackle climate change”, say Vice Rector Hanna Snellman at the University of Helsinki and Vice President Clas Hättestrand at Stockholm University.

Both universities have also excellent research infrastructure, including Arctic research stations. One goal of Arctic Avenue is to strengthen these stations as international platforms for high-impact Arctic research.

“Our collaboration also recognizes that each partner contributes with different strengths and expertise. Combining them in a complementary way is central to achieving a better understanding of the changing Arctic. It also creates a thriving scientific environment in which young researchers can grow and be supported by Arctic Avenue”, adds Nina Kirchner, the leader of the Stockholm University group.

”Arctic region is a hot topic in research. Stockholm University has made great advances in earth system modelling. Here in Helsinki we have lot to contribute with our research into biodiversity, black coal or the carbon cycle”, Atte Korhola notes.

Photo (c) Jan Weckström.

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