The Arctic Society of Finland

AF-laatikko-EN.jpgThe purpose of the Arctic Society of Finland is to follow the development of the Arctic region and to influence decisions concerning the Arctic regions so that they would serve the interests of Finland. In order to attain its purpose the society organizes seminars, lectures and other events and maintains contacts with international and Finnish organizations, research institutes, universities and other organizations that deal with issues concerning the Arctic regions.

Finnish nationals and Finnish communities that accept the purpose of the Society can be approved as members of the Society. The Arctic Society of Finland was founded in a meeting in Helsinki on the 18th of September 2012 and it is based in Helsinki, Finland.

The strategy of the Arctic Society of Finland. (in Finnish).

The Arctic Society of Finland is chaired by Tero Vauraste, CEO, Mariadi Oy.

Events of the Arctic Society of Finland (in Finnish).



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