ArcticFinland poimintoja - 2019

Tasavallan presidentin ja Yhdysvaltain presidentin yhteinen julkilausuma Washington D.C.:ssä 2.10.2019 (englanniksi)

Tasavallan presidentin kanslia

... The United States and Finland, as members of the Arctic Council, want to maintain the Arctic as a region of cooperation and low tension.  Security, sustainable development, environmental protection, the well-being of the people living in the Arctic, and cooperation in this important region are essential to us.  Arctic governance, guided by applicable international law, is the responsibility of Arctic nations, particularly through the Arctic Council.

The Arctic provides new economic opportunities, but environmental changes such as the diminishing of sea ice raise environmental concerns.  The United States and Finland share a commitment to clean air and water and environmental protection, including the reduction of particulate matter, and with it, black carbon.  Our two countries will use our cold-weather proficiency, understanding, and technology to advance our cooperation in the Arctic, including with respect to the production of new icebreakers.

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