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People power for cleaner air


The municipality of Ii in Northern Ostrobothnia received the prestigious RegioStars trophy in Brussels on October 10. There were a total of 103 contestants and 24 EU funded projects were shortlisted for the finals. Ii won the category Energy Union: climate change.


Southern Finland wants to be more involved in Arctic cooperation


Officially, Finland is an Arctic country in its entirety. In the southern parts of the country, Arctic questions can often seem remote and irrelevant. Three regions in Southern Finland have now decided to re-examine their role in the Arctic cooperation. On October 12, they are arranging a conference on Southern Finland and sustainable Arctic cooperation.


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Smart and clean technology in focus at the Industry Summit



Barents Studies discuss mayoral strategies, Northern identity and global megaprojects


The new issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Barents Studies feature three very different articles that foreground three studies located in the Barents and Euro-Arctic regions. One of the overarching commonality among the articles is that they all use comparison in order to make cogent observations about historical and present-day communities in the Barents High North and Arctic. The journal features four young scholars of the Barents Region: Camilla Brattland, Morgan Ip, Maria Lvova, and Gerald Zojer.



Renewable energy a key theme at the Arctic Energy Summit


The Arctic Energy Summit kicked off with sobering statistics on the loss of multiyear sea ice. Finnish minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen said that climate change would determine the development paths in the Arctic region.


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Climate change alters northern landscapes



Finland's Arctic history and future


Finland has been building its northern identity for centuries. Arctic is a cultural definition, says Professor Maria Lähteenmäki. She is the editor of Footprints in the snow – The Long History of Arctic Finland, a collection of articles on the history of Finland’s Arctic science and policies. The texts show the way Finnish image of Northernness has changed in science and research and in political rhetoric and practice.


New network will foster the international research cooperation related to migration in the Arctic


New Arctic Migration thematic network of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) focuses on newfound problems and challenges in the field of migration along the side of the already existing ones. The overall objective is to establish and build an international network of scholars, experts, influencers and policy makers to solve out the challenges and problems related to migration in the Arctic.



Arctic meteorological cooperation will intensify



A Day at the Northwest Passage in July 2017


What does one day in the Northwest Passage look like? Arctia’s multipurpose icebreaker Nordica transited the Northwest Passage in July 2017 on Arctic 100 Expedition. One of the explorers was Ari Laakso of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, who filmed the time-lapse video from the journey.


Presidents Trump and Niinistö discussed Arctic questions


Finnish President Sauli Niinistö met with President of the United States Donald Trump in the White House on Monday 28 August 2017. After the discussions, the Presidents held a joint press conference.


AEC Finland supports the Arctic railway feasibility study


AEC Finland, a support group to the Arctic Economic Council in Finland, finds that the Arctic railway project, a railway from Rovaniemi to Kirkenes, would bring significant investments; it would improve the security of supply and open sustainable business opportunities.


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New publication about human security threats in the Barents Region


New academic book introduces episodic and empirical evidence addressing the multifaceted aspects of human security in the Barents Region and looks at the prevalent challenges to the maintenance of societal cohesion.


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New video from Arctic Coast Guard Forum


The Finnish Border Guard, 21.8.2017


New ways to enjoy your reds, blues and yellows


From July to October, berries are everywhere. Instagram feeds are full of colourful photos of the results of days spent berry picking in the forest. Restaurant chefs propose new delicacies bursting with the flavours of bilberries, cloudberries and buckthorn berries. Wild berries are healthy, they taste wonderful and they are free for everyone to pick. Berries are also fascinating raw materials for innovations.



Words from the Editor: Climate and investments marked the start of Finnish Arctic Chairmanship



Plans for the Arctic railway to be explored



New premises for Finland’s northernmost diplomatic representation


The Murmansk office of the Consulate General of Finland has moved to new premises. The new building is located on Ulitsa Zavodskaj 2, a cross street of the main street Prospekt Lenina, in Murmansk city centre.


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A different kind of summer


For the centenary of Finnish independence in 2017, a group of researchers will board an expedition of a lifetime. Multipurpose icebreaker Nordica will set sail from Vancouver for Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, through the legendary Northwest Passage.



Arctic 100 Expedition on multipurpose icebreaker Nordica through the Northwest Passage in July 2017


What is it like to spend a month on a multipurpose icebreaker sailing through the Northwest Passage? How does global warming affect the sea and ice conditions near the North Pole? How does it feel to spend a month on an icebreaker cruising through uninhabited regions?


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Chambers of Commerce support Arctic Connect


Four Europe’s northernmost chambers of commerce have published a declaration in support of the Arctic Connect initiative. The business associations want to promote the new cable connection to advance the growing business potential between Europe and Asia.


Constructing new digital highways in the Arctic regions


Data traffic is growing exponentially. There are major bottlenecks in the current connections. The Top of the World Arctic Broadband Summit in Oulu discussed broadband development and its implications for the Arctic societies and businesses.



EU High Representative Mogherini: Economic development and preservation of the environment must go together in the Arctic



Industry leaders call for Finland's initiative to build the Arctic railway


Several Finnish industry leaders have published a petition to give the Arctic railway a central role when considering the Arctic infrastructure projects of the European Union. A high-level event on EU Arctic Policy taking place in Oulu on 15-16 June offers a good forum for discussion on the topic.


EU's Arctic event taking place in Oulu, Finland


Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 14 June 2017


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