Finland's Arctic strategy and other reports and documents

Finland´s Arctic Strategy

Finland’s Strategy for the Arctic Region 2013
Update to the Arctic Strategy 2016
The action plan for the update of the Arctic Strategy 2017

Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2017–2019

Exploring common solutions - Finlands Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council 2017-2019

European Union and the Arctic Policy

Joint Communication To The European Parliament And The Council - An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic (2016)
Press release of the new integrated EU policy for the Arctic (2016)
Communication From The Commission To The European Parliament And The Council - The European Union And The Arctic Region (2008)

Reports and policy briefs

Maria Lähteenmäki (2017)
Footprints in the Snow. The Long History of Arctic Finland.

Tennberg et al. (2017)
The Barents area changes – How will Finland adapt?
(Report in Finnish, abstract available in English)

Paavola, Kaihovaara, Blomqvist ja Hellenberg (2017)
The commercialisation, productisation and exportation of Finland’sArctic competencies: obstacles, instruments and opportunities
(Report in Finnish, abstract available in English)

Koivurova, Śmieszek, Stępień, Mikkola, Käpylä ja Kankaanpää (2017)
Finland’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council (2017-2019) in the age ofchange and uncertainty
(Report in Finnish, abstract available in English)

Stępień & Koivurova (2017)
Arctic Europe: Bringing together the EU Arctic Policy

Heinämäki, Allard, Kirchner, Xanthaki, Valkonen, Mörkenstam &
Bankes, Ruru, Gilbert, Selle, Simpson, Olsén (2017)
Actualizing Sámi Rights: International Comparative Research (2016) (English part begins p. 224)

MERMAID consortium
Policy brief: Finland’s Journey towards theForefront of Responsible ArcticDevelopment (2016)