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Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Comprehensive know-how on work in the Arctic - Comprehensive concept to support occupational health and safety in the Arctic work

Modular structure based on customer needs e.g.:

  1. Assessment of present situation → development plan
  2. Functional PPE solutions in the Arctic
  3. Solutions for safety when operating in safety critical environments
  4. Solutions to maintain the ability to work in the cold
  5. Guidance for Arctic work orientation; virtual reality / 360-videos enable learning at any place

Unique facilities:

  • Climatic chambers and accredited laboratories for testing PPE (Notified body no. 0403)
  • Diverse measurements on human responses in laboratory and real work conditions

References from maritime operators, nuclear industry, rail traffic, aviation, mining industry and several other sectors.



Mr. Tommi Alanko
Director, Solutions for Safety
Tel: +358 40 719 2521

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