Rauma Marine Constructions 

Shipbuilding company specialized in the construction and maintenance of multi-purpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries,
and vessels for use by the armed forces.

World-leading expertise in Arctic shipbuilding

Rauma Marine Constructions, RMC, is the new beginning of an old story. The long shipbuilding traditions in Rauma form a solid base for continuing construction of high value added ships. Founded in 2014 RMC, as a Finnish maritime cluster company, started a new era for meeting both global and domestic challenges.

RMC, the shipyard in Rauma, has earned back its position as a leading yard for design and construction of special vessels, icebreakers for polar and domestic ice-covered waters, car-passenger ferries as well as naval craft for the Finnish Defence. We represent world-leading expertise in technology for these segments, i.e. areas strongly relied upon by the network, know-how and competitiveness of the Finnish marine industry.

Ship Owners’ recurring return to Rauma shipyard for a next-generation special vessel or icebreaker is most awarding for RMC. It compiles natural steps securing the development, sustainability and energy efficiency for preserving the environment.

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Jyrki Heinimaa
President & CEO
+358 40 5564456

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