Operational reliability and cost savings through hybridizations among our services for the marine industry: design and project management of electrification, automation and electric drives.

Marine Industry Services

  • Cost-efficient solutions for vessels of different sizes with consideration of the individual needs
  • Services both as a full-line supplier and as an integrator
  • Protacon’s systems enable the operation of vessels more efficiently, system life cycle is under control, subsystem data are made available for remote analysis, and vessel operation can be monitored remotely
Newbuilds and

Electric propulsion, power
distribution and automation
deliveries for both new and
upgraded units

Cost Saving Solutions
Development of low

emission diesel propulsion
systems and energy saving
systems, as well as of
hybrid systems

Digitalization and

Digital solutions for
improvement of maritime
transport profitability, such
as vessel control


Solutions to take on global sustainability challenges

  • Extensive experience in propulsion and automation modernizations of all vessel types and in development of low-emission propulsion systems
  • Solutions for vessel hybridizations leading to fuel economy and flexibility in operation under varying load circumstances:
    • extra power from different energy reserves without starting the generator
    • battery technologies
    • the Green Drive developed by Protacon allows reducing fuel consumption by lowering the generator RPM
  • The hybrid solutions also reduce the noise emitted to the sea



Sami Kervola
Vice President, Advanced Automation and Engineering
+358 40 583 2024

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