ESL Shipping 

Dry bulk carrier for the demanding northern conditions. Optimized, reliable, energy efficient and safe cargo deliveries.

Loaded with Nordic know-how

  • Versatile ice strengthened fleet built for the demanding conditions in Arctic and remote waters including unique 1A-ice strengthened Supramax-vessels.
  • Experienced crew on board and personnel ashore guarantees customers quality of service they can rely on in all conditions.
  • The following chart shows our recent voyages in the Arctic region, including two Northeast Passages by our newbuildings Viikki & Haaga
  • All Handy- and Supra-class vessels are equipped with cranes on board enabling independent and efficient cargo handling at ports and STS-operations at open sea
  • ESL Shipping Ltd has been in business 70 years and is a subsidiary of Aspo Plc. ESL Shipping's Board of Directors includes world-class Arctic know-how.
  • Our subsidiary AtoB@C Shipping is specialist in carrying industrial products, project cargos and raw materials. Company operates several liner services around the year from Scandinavia to UK and Central Europe with ice-classed vessels in 3,000-5,000 dwt segment.

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Kirsi Ylärinne
Business Unit Director
+358 400 380 074

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