ABB Marine and Ports 

Improves vessel safety, energy efficiency, maneuverability and performance.

Opening the Arctic with electric, digital and connected solutions

Azipod® propulsion enables economical, reliable and safe ice operation

  • ABB is in a unique position to manufacture total electric power and propulsion solution for icebreaking vessels combined with digital solutions and 24/7 global service
  • ABB has almost 30 years of experience with Azipod® propulsion operating in arctic conditions   
  • Independent and economically efficient operation in harsh ice environment can been achieved with Azipod® propulsion together with the Double Acting Ship operation principle  
  • Azipod® propulsion is proven to save energy and enables the use of multiple energy sources
  • ABB is heavily investing in product development and is using experience from already operating arctic vessels in order to maintain the leading position in arctic operations