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ABB Marine and Ports TAF_web_ABB.jpg

Improves vessel safety, energy efficiency, maneuverability and performance.

Contact person:

Sampo Viheriälehto

Sales Manager and Concept Promotion, Ice Going Vessels

+358 50 335 8538



Opening the Arctic with electric, digital and connected solutions

Azipod® propulsion enables economical, reliable and safe ice operation

  • ABB is in a unique position to manufacture total electric power and propulsion solution for icebreaking vessels combined with digital solutions and 24/7 global service
  • ABB has almost 30 years of experience with Azipod® propulsion operating in arctic conditions   
  • Independent and economically efficient operation in harsh ice environment can been achieved with Azipod® propulsion together with the Double Acting Ship operation principle  
  • Azipod® propulsion is proven to save energy and enables the use of multiple energy sources
  • ABB is heavily investing in product development and is using experience from already operating arctic vessels in order to maintain the leading position in arctic operations  

Azipod® propulsion key facts and figures

  • ~90 Icebreakers or ice-going vessels
  • PC2 Highest ice class on order
  • 18,000,000+ Azipod® operational hours in total
  • 25+ Vessel types equipped with Azipod propulsion
  • NSR Independent crossings of the Northern Sea route
  • ~30 Years since first delivery



Boskalis Terramare TAF_web_boskalisterramare.jpg

High environmental standards, including knowhow in treatment of contaminated sediments.

Contact person:

Hannu Tomperi

Managing Director

+358 40 517 6214


Front-runner in arctic harbour and marine construction

Services / Turn-key solutions

  • Channel dredging and reclamation
  • Environmental dredging
  • Underwater drilling and blasting
  • Port and harbour construction
  • Concrete slipform casting
  • Marine piling works
  • Offshore foundations
  • Special projects

Key figures

  • Over 60 years of experience
  • Personnel: 190 (2019)
  • Own plant: Over 40 units


Destia Destia-logo-01.jpg

Creating intelligent infra solutions that enable the flow of people, goods, services, and energy as a natural part of northern
life and the world economy.


Contact person:

Timo Räikkönen

Executive Vice President

+358 40 515 2231



Searching for growth in Scandinavia

  • Finnish infrastructure and construction service company with a history dating back more than 200 years.
  • We design, build and maintain traffic routes and railways, industrial and harbour as well as urban living environments.
  • Our customers comprise of industrial enterprises and businesses, municipalities, cities and government organisations.
  • We actively search for opportunities to expand in Sweden and Norway with our offerings, e.g. wind and other renewable energy solutions, maintenance services, foundation engineering and transport infrastructure.

Key figures 2018

  • Revenues €550.3 million
  • EBIT-margin 3.1 %
  • Personnel on average 1,658


ESL Shipping ESL Shipping.jpg

Dry bulk carrier for the demanding northern conditions. Optimized, reliable, energy efficient and safe cargo deliveries.

Contact person:

Kirsi Ylärinne

Business Unit Director

+358 400 380 074



Loaded with Nordic know-how

  • Versatile ice strengthened fleet built for the demanding conditions in Arctic and remote waters including unique 1A-ice strengthened Supramax-vessels.
  • Experienced crew on board and personnel ashore guarantees customers quality of service they can rely on in all conditions.
  • The following chart shows our recent voyages in the Arctic region, including two Northeast Passages by our newbuildings Viikki & Haaga
  • All Handy- and Supra-class vessels are equipped with cranes on board enabling independent and efficient cargo handling at ports and STS-operations at open sea
  • ESL Shipping Ltd has been in business 70 years and is a subsidiary of Aspo Plc. ESL Shipping's Board of Directors includes world-class Arctic know-how.
  • Our subsidiary AtoB@C Shipping is specialist in carrying industrial products, project cargos and raw materials. Company operates several liner services around the year from Scandinavia to UK and Central Europe with ice-classed vessels in 3,000-5,000 dwt segment.


Pori Offshore Constructions TAF_web_Porioc.jpg

Reliable and proven solutions in delivering structures for demanding conditions applying safe and environmentally conscious practices.

Contact person:

Manu Grönlund

Chief Executive Officer

+358 400 740 242



Outstanding turn-key project deliveries

  • Extensive design and analysis capabilities of floating and fixed offshore structures intended for arctic conditions
  • Expert in construction of high strength and high thickness steel materials with stringent quality requirements
  • Proven quality control system in engineering, procurement, project management and construction
  • Extensive track record of delivery reliability demonstrated in successful execution of world class offshore projects such asSpar hull EPC deliveries on schedule and within budget


Protacon protacon_logo_sloganiton.png

Operational reliability and cost savings through hybridizations among our services for the marine industry: design and project management of electrification, automation and electric drives.

Contact person:

Sami Kervola

Vice President, Advanced Automation and Engineering

+358 40 583 2024



Marine Industry Services

  • Cost-efficient solutions for vessels of different sizes with consideration of the individual needs
  • Services both as a full-line supplier and as an integrator
  • Protacon’s systems enable the operation of vessels more efficiently, system life cycle is under control, subsystem data are made available for remote analysis, and vessel operation can be monitored remotely

Solutions for marine and offshore projects

  • Newbuilds and Modernizations: Electric propulsion, power distribution and automation deliveries for both new and upgraded units
  • Cost Saving Solutions: Development of low-emission diesel propulsion systems and energy saving systems, as well as of hybrid systems.
  • Digitalization and Automation: Digital solutions for improvement of maritime transport profitability, such as vessel control applications

Solutions to take on global sustainability challenges

  • Extensive experience in propulsion and automation modernizations of all vessel types and in development of low-emission propulsion systems
  • Solutions for vessel hybridizations leading to fuel economy and flexibility in operation under varying load circumstances:

extra power from different energy reserves without starting the generator

battery technologies

the Green Drive developed by Protacon allows reducing fuel consumption by lowering the generator RPM

  • The hybrid solutions also reduce the noise emitted to the sea


Ramboll TAF_web_ramboll.jpg

Shaping sustainable societies.

Contact person:

Tommi Marjamäki

Director, Business Development

+358 40 725 3587


Engineering, design and consultancy company

  • 15,500 specialist
  • 300 offices
  • 35 countries
  • Founded in 1945
  • Turnover €1,5 billoin (2018)
  • Services we provide worldwide: buildings. water, transport, energy and oil & gas, management consulting, environment & health


Rauma Marine Constructions Rauma Marine Constructions logo.png

Shipbuilding company specialized in the construction and maintenance of multi-purpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries,
and vessels for use by the armed forces.

Contact person:

Jyrki Heinimaa

President & CEO

+358 40 5564456


World-leading expertise in Arctic shipbuilding

Rauma Marine Constructions, RMC, is the new beginning of an old story. The long shipbuilding traditions in Rauma form a solid base for continuing construction of high value added ships. Founded in 2014 RMC, as a Finnish maritime cluster company, started a new era for meeting both global and domestic challenges.

RMC, the shipyard in Rauma, has earned back its position as a leading yard for design and construction of special vessels, icebreakers for polar and domestic ice-covered waters, car-passenger ferries as well as naval craft for the Finnish Defence. We represent world-leading expertise in technology for these segments, i.e. areas strongly relied upon by the network, know-how and competitiveness of the Finnish marine industry.

Ship Owners’ recurring return to Rauma shipyard for a next-generation special vessel or icebreaker is most awarding for RMC. It compiles natural steps securing the development, sustainability and energy efficiency for preserving the environment.


Steerprop Steerprop_logo_color (ID 43589).jpg

Propulsors to vessels working in the arctic, offshore and cruise industries.

Contact person:

Mika Koli

Sales Director

+358 44 750 1130



Steerprop – the azimuth propulsion company

Steerprops brings the icebreaking endurance, excels in ice management and provides robustness to the harshest operation conditions on the Earth.

Steerprop delivers:

  • Reduced lifetime costs
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Short payback time
  • Auxiliaries with FAT tested modular design to plug and play
  • Future-proof solutions with excellent serviceability
  • Steerprop Care - Condition monitoring included

Together with our partners we are able to deliver extensive scope from controls to power train propellers and thrusters.

  • 450 employees and subcontractors
  • 800 propulsors delivered or contracted
  • 350 ships in operation
  • 85 ice classed units, 8 icebreakers
  • Push: 800kW to 7,000kW High efficiency nozzle or open propeller
  • CRP: Open water 800kW to 20MW, High ice class up to 10MW
  • Pull: Up to 16MW For high ice classes



VTT VTT_logo_OnWhite_hires.png

Ships and offshore structures, extensive know-how and innovative solutions

Contact person:

Tuomas Sipilä

Research Team Leader

+358 40 550 6950



VTT – Sustainable solutions for safe arctic operations

  • Our main goal is to ensure high performance of ships, reliable and energy-efficient systems and safe sea traffic towards low-carbon and zero-emission targets
  • We work in close collaboration with leading companies in arctic technologies to develop safe and sustainable solutions for arctic operations and offshore wind energy
  • With VTT you gain of our multidisciplinary research in technologies applicable for arctic maritime environment

Solutions and validation for sustainable and safe arctic operations

  • Towing tank
  • Ship handling simulator
  • Sea and ice trials
  • Long term monitoring for loads and vibrations
  • Fuel cell, battery, and engine research infrastructure
  • Cold rooms, icing wind tunnel
  • Advanced simulation methods

Customer references:

  • ABB, Arctia, Aker Arctic, Lamor, Meyer Turku, Meyer Werft, NAPA, RMC, Keppel, Wärtsilä
  • Technip, Siemens, Ramboll, Hochtief
  • Authorities
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