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One contact point - Fast track to planning
Competencies with great synergies - Reduced design time
Integrated, optimized and innovative solutions - Maximum value


Team Arctic Finland is a consortium of 10 companies and organizations with strong competence, leading products and services, and credible references in harsh environments.

The expertise of Team Arctic Finland lies in energy, mining, marine, shipping and infrastructure segments. Team Arctic’s value to clients lies in the fact that its members can together offer a wider selection of products and services and thus solve simultaneously more problems – and more challenging problems – for clients.

The consortium utilizes its harsh environment experience globally with selected key customers. The added value of Team Arctic Finland is gathering clusters of reliable Finnish companies that can put together large concepts, make propositions to big international clients and get challenging commissions in harsh environment projects, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development. Contact us to learn more!

Download Team Arctic Finland presentation (pdf) or watch our video to learn more about our expertise!


Member Organizations

Strong experience of extreme environments brought organizations together to establish the unique Team Arctic Finland. Team Arctic Finland is an ideal innovation partner for improving investment and sustainability performance in remote areas and harsh conditions. It provides advanced intelligent solutions for operation optimization (OPEX, CAPEX) and improved safety and environmental

Team Arctic Finland integrates the best engineering competencies, services, and products into and turnkey deliveries and high performing operations. Our Total Concept Approach means:

  • More value with less management efforts
  • One contact point to manage the optimal network
  • Optimized solutions with concrete total cost reduction opportunities
  • Capacity and capabilities of tackling variety of challenges simultaneously
  • Vast variety of state-of-the-art tools and solutions for sustainability
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