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Global interest on arctic and cold region is currently high. Thus developing knowledge and solutions for reliable and sustainable operation methods for the delicate cold climate environment is of utmost importance. Finland and VTT are already globally known for expertise in arctic solutions and green technologies and hence there is plenty of business potential in this area. Especially, the adaptation to Paris climate agreement and incoming polar code require safe, energy efficient and reliable ships, marine operations and satellite based winter navigation in the arctic conditions with low environmental impact (emissions, underwater noise, oil spill).

VTT’s research focus is on sustainable and safe solutions for offshore, marine, coastal and infra structures and operations in harsh and demanding cold climate environments. The solutions are developed by utilizing multidisciplinary research on material and environmental science.

The main research topics are:

Wind energy in cold environment
Design basis for local ice conditions and design ice loads on support structures for offshore wind turbines
Ice risk assessment (icing)
Ice detection systems

Ice-structure interaction simulation
Structural performance of offshore structures in ice-covered waters
Cost-effective and reliable structural concepts for offshore structures

Winter navigation and maritime operations
Ship performance in ice: full-scale experiments, numerical estimations and development of the simulation platform
Monitoring and decision support systems for ships based on satellite images
Solutions for oil clean-up in ice-covered sea areas

Ship propulsion in ice
Ice loads on propulsion: modelling and full-scale measurements
Ice class rule development

Ice physics and mechanics
Modelling of ice failure, ice friction and icing
Formation of frazil and anchor ice

Construction and material technology for cold environment
Advanced materials
Frost protection
Optimised energy solutions for buildings and districts




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