Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki, SYKE

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

SYKE is a research and expert institute which produces essential information for the needs of a sustainable society. SYKE studies environmental changes and the related processes as well as develops solutions to problems arising from these changes. Our expertise builds on long-term monitoring and wide-ranging research based on both natural and social sciences. SYKE operates in various networks and collaborates with different kinds of interest groups.

SYKE’s arctic cooperation

SYKE’s expertise and research are utilised in the Arctic Council’s work and in various projects in northern areas. The Institute’s experience in environmental research is persevering and usable for securing the sustainability of arctic areas.

SYKE’s expertise extends to each notable environmental field. Environmental change, environmental toxicants and transboundary pollution, sustainability of mining, marine conservation, sea ice research, nature preservation, marine technology and oil spill response are fine examples of SYKE’s firm areas of expertise.
A strong tradition of environmental monitoring and solid know-how support the detection of changes in the arctic environment and enable effective search for solutions.

Remote sensing add an own important aspect to the research cooperation in the Arctic areas. In addition, spatial expertise in the land use planning and for livelihood solutions such as reindeer herding is a notable adjunct for developing the arctic areas.

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