Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organization with expertise in renewable natural resources and sustainable food production. Luke is located throughout Finland and it is active in numerous international development projects including 50 international EU projects.

Focus areas of research are:

Boreal Green Bioeconomy: Our aim is to ensure that the growing and stable forest and biomass converts into raw material and to create new products, energy and services from the raw material, as well as to develop the production and processing of the green bioeconomy. We produce information and solutions:

  • Sustainable exploitation of forest and field yield capacity
  • Bioeconomy planning and support for decision-making
  • Biomass growing, harvesting and transport technologies
  • Green bioeconomy products, services and business

Blue Bioeconomy: We can use our water bodies sustainably while controlling and recovering nutrient discharges. We offer wide support for water-based business, such as fish and seaweed farming, fishing, as well as opportunities surrounding new technologies and side-streams. We produce information and solutions:

  • Blue bioproduction
  • Nutrient circulation and industrial symbiosis
  • Sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems
  • Added value from aquatic biomass
  • Well-being and tourism

Innovative Foodchain: We support a food supply chain that is sustainable, profitable and innovative all the way. We refine food supplies that are healthy and produced sustainably, supporting a circular economy in the food system, as well as digital and smart technologies. We produce information and solutions: 

  • Northern agriculture in a changing landscape
  • Healthy, sustainable food
  • Circular economy within the food system
  • Digital and smart technologies in the food supply chain
  • Consumers and markets

Natural Resources Economy in the Society: We promote the bioeconomy and the required changes in society leading up to it. We influence policy surrounding the use of renewable resources in a sustainable and reasonable way, as well as support the spreading of new technologies and business models. We examine market performance and create methods that ensure the sustainable success of our society and regions:

  • Assessment of the overall sustainability of the bioeconomy
  • Climate, energy and natural resources policies
  • International competitiveness of the Finnish bioeconomy
  • Functionality and growth of the natural resources economy
  • Changes in the economic structures, entrepreneurship and regions
  • Compatibility of the use of natural resources




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Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)



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