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Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Knowledge of the Arctic environment refers to comprehensive management and utilisation of the conditions. Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions is at the core of the profile of Lapland University of Applies Sciences. Community spirit, an open atmosphere, efficiency and hospitality are some of the local strengths. There is an increasing demand for the know-how, education, research and development produced in Lapland due to the global interest that has turned towards the Arctic region.

Measurement, analysis, research, product development and other development tasks intended for business life are carried out in the University of Applied Sciences’ learning and development environments. The development environments and the research teams working in them, together with local and international actors, act as pioneers in the utilisation of the Northern operating environment. Development environments and networks particularly focused on knowledge of the Arctic environment are listed on the right.

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) is Lapland’s largest expert organisation in the field of tourism. MTI brings together the tourism know-how of Lapland Tourism College, the University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences. MTI engages in intensive and concrete co-operation between different educational levels in teaching, research and service activities. Such co-operation across the boundaries of educational levels and institutions is unique in Finland and rare internationally, yet it brings many benefits. For example, MTI offers its students an exceptionally broad range of courses and programmes.

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