Team Arctic Finland

Team Arctic Finland is a consortium of 19 companies and organizations with strong competence, leading products and services, and credible references in harsh environments.

The expertise of Team Arctic Finland lies in energy, mining, marine, shipping and infrastructure segments. Team Arctic’s value to clients lies in the fact that its members can together offer a wider selection of products and services and thus solve simultaneously more problems – and more challenging problems – for clients.

Team Arctic Finland provides know-how in the following project contents:

The consortium utilizes its harsh environment experience globally with selected key customers.

The added value of Team Arctic Finland is gathering clusters of reliable Finnish companies that can put together large concepts, make propositions to big international clients and get challenging commissions in harsh environment projects, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development.

Meet Team Arctic Finland

Feb 20, 2018 in Montreal, Canada

Feb 21-22, 2018 at the 12th Arctic Shipping Summit in Montreal, Canada

Apr 10, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan


Team Arctic Finland Presentation

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